Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clair Wardle's lecture


Some of you accepted the invitation to listen to Claire Wardle's talk yesterday, "Moving beyond broadcasting: Digital technologies and collaborative radio".

I got a request for the slides and I am happy to tell you that they are accessible in KTH's Learning Management System "Bilda". Everyone who is registered to the course (72 persons at the moment) has access to the Bilda "activity" (group) called "DM2578 Social Media Technologies HT11".

You'll find Claire's slides in a folder there (Bilda/DM2578 Social Media Technologies HT11/Documents/Guest lectures).

If you don't have access to Bilda, you are probably not registered for the course. I can't register you so you'll have to fix that with your friendly local student advisor/coordinator.

See you in some weeks when the course starts!

/Daniel Pargman