Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rich pictures - project groups & themes

There are 10 project groups. There is one Tuesday group missing below. I will update this blog post when I get information about their theme & members.

A few groups might get an extra member "forcibly" added to your group if more people turn up in the course during the next week.

Monday group (seminar groups A and B):
Appreciation: Miyabi H, Golnaz M, Matthias G, Yuichi O, Gabriella T, Andrius J, Jonathan K - 7 persons

Crowds: Fabian W, Leonore K, Gyöngyvér B, Sophal P, Tove A - 6 persons

Alternative Art: Björn H, Attilio P, Olle W, Fernanda C, Olga D - 5 persons

Lonliness: Jens M, Toni L, Victor O, Nisa A, Natalia M - 5 persons

Joy: Edvard M, Tessa R, Ineta S, Michaela M, Sven S - 5 persons

Tuesday group (seminar groups C and D):
Food strike: Johan L, Adam L, Filip E, Jonas J, Charles F - 5 persons

Wild-life: Nils G, Katarzyna M, Yuanhui Z, Nikolay S, Tom E - 5 persons

Active old people: Kim L, Hampus A, Jen-Po C, Daniel H, Christine K - 5 persons

Role-playing and connecting internationally: Sara L, Stefan A, Alise L, Simon E, Jens Å, Joel A - 6 persons

Extreme fashion: Isabella A, Bobby F, Simon K, Hong S, Philip A - 5 persons

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seminar 2 instructions available in Bilda

As I mentioned during the introductory lecture yesterday, your task for the second seminar (next week) is to prepare a 3-minute long Pecha Kucha presentation.

I have uploaded all the relevant documents into Bilda. In the "Bilda/Documents/Seminar assignments" folder, you will find:

- Instructions for seminar 2 ("111031 Seminar 2 assignment.pdf)
- My Pecha Kucha presentation ("111025 Pecha Kucha Pargman.ppt")
- The template you should download and use for your own presentation ("111031 Pecha Kucha template.ppt")

Group A and B will meet on Monday and the deadline for uploading your presentation is Sunday Oct 30 at 21.00.
Group C and D will meet on Tuesday and the deadline for uploading your presentation is Monday Oct 31 at 12.00.

This is the only time you will have different deadlines.

Seminar 1 group assignment instructions

The instructions from today's seminar (two documents) are available in Bilda (In the Bilda/Documents/Seminar assignments folder). The first document, "a" are instructions for the seminar itself and the second document, "b" are instructions for what the groups are expected to deliver at the end of the course.

Do note that the second, "b" document probably will be replaced by an updated version at a later point in time (probably within 10 days or two weeks). As the group assignments are part of the examination and will be judged/evaluated this year, there might be a need for further instructions and clarifications about what is expected, criteria for judging the group assignment etc.

Some groups have already sent off mail to me with the name of the group and a list of the group members. I will post a list when I have gotten that info from all the groups that were formed today.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Schedule for the seminar groups

Despite any scribblings on the official TimeEdit schedule (available here) about "group a" and "group b", this is how it really is in this course:

The class is divided into a Monday group (which consists of seminar groups A and B) and a Tuesday group (which consists of seminar groups C and D).

This week is special as all groups will have the seminar tomorrow - on a Wednesday (see this earlier blog post which additionally has info about who is in which seminar group).

During the following six weeks (week 44 - week 49) five out of six seminars with the Monday group will be on Mondays (one will be on a Wednesday), and five out of six seminars with the Tuesday group will be on Tuesday (one will be on a Wednesday). Here is the schedule:

Monday group
w44 Mo Oct 31 at 10-12
w45 Wed Nov 9 at 10-12
w46 Mo Nov 14 at 13-15
w47 Mo Nov 21 at 13-15
w48 Mo Nov 28 at 13-15
w49 Mo Dec 5 at 13-15

Tuesday group
w44 Tue Nov 1 at 10-12
w45 Tue Nov 8 at 10-12
w46 Tue Nov 15 at 13-15
w47 Tue Nov 22 at 10-12
w48 Wed Nov 30 at 10-12
w49 Tue Dec 6 at 10-12

Please pose any questions you might have in the form of a comment to this blog post - your comment/question might be of interest to others.

No lecture on Friday

The lecture on Friday (October 28) has been cancelled/moved.

We do on the other hand need to meet one extra time at the end of the course (most probably sometime in week 49) for you to present your group assignments. You might consider that occasion a "replacement" for this week's cancelled lecture.

Seminar groups

There were almost 50 persons who expressed interest in being in either the Monday or the Tuesday groups - and by some fluke your preferences are totally evenly distributed, so everyone can have their wish satisfied!

I've divided the Monday group into two seminar groups (A, B) and done the same with the Tuesday group (C, D).

Do note that since Pernilla is away this week:
- The whole Monday group (seminar group A and seminar group B) will meet metomorrow at 10-12 in seminar room D32.
- The whole Tuesday group (seminar group C and seminar group D) will meet metomorrow at 8-10 in seminar room D32

Seminar group A: Gyöngyvér B, Olga D, Björn H, Andrius J, Jonathan K, Michaela M, Yuichi O, Sophal P, Tessa R, Ineta S, Fabian W, Golnaz M, Jens M, Gabriella T - 14 persons

Seminar group B: Tove A, Fernanda C, Matthias G, Miyabi H, Leonore K, Toni L, Edvard M, Victor O, Attilio P, Sven S, Olle W, Nisa A, Natalia M - 13 persons

Seminar group C: Isabella A, Jen-Po C, Simon E, Bobby F, Nils G, Jonas J, Christine K, Sara L, Alise L, Katarzyna M, Yuanhui Z, Joel A, Hong S - 13 persons

Seminar group D: Hampus A, Stefan A, Tom E, Filip E, Charles F, Daniel H, Simon K, Johan L, Kim L, Adam L, Nikolay S, Jens Å, Philip A. - 13 persons

Lecture notes available in Bilda

Slides from today's lecture is available in Bilda (Bilda/DM2578 Social Media Technologies HT11/Documents/Lectures/111025 L1 Introduction.pdf).

All lecture slides will be made available in Bilda (including guest lecturer's slides - if they want to share them). Only this once will I post a message about it on this blog.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Other period 2 courses & seminar groups


The course DM2578 Social media technologies will start next week (Tuesday Sept 25 10-12 in lecture hall V1).

I'm interested in knowing what other courses you will take during period 2. Do note that we have to divide the class into four seminar groups directly when we meet on Tuesday because we have our first seminar the following day. Information about your other courses will also be good for me to have if we at some later point have to make any changes in the schedule.

We have asked for DM2578 to be scheduled so as to not come into conflict with the following courses:
- ME2043 Leadership in cross-cultural contexts
- DM2517 XML for publishing
- DT1130 Spectral transforms
- DH2408 Evaluation methods in human-computer interaction

I would now like you to do two different things:

1) Please provide information about which of these courses you will study during period 2 by filling out this Doodle "survey". Please answer the survey even if you will not take any of the courses above (by just writing your name but not crossing any of the boxes). By answering, you increase your chances of being in a seminar group that fits your schedule!

2) Please leave a comment to this blog post if you take a course other than the four listed above and also please specify which course(s).

See you next week.

/Daniel Pargman

PS. The courses are listed above in order of "importance", i.e. there should be no collisions with ME2043 activities, no or few collisions with DM2517 etc.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Course literature

The main book we will read during the course is:
Yochai Benkler, "The wealth of networks" (2006)

The book is available in online and offline bookstores. It can for example be ordered from Adlibris (143 SEK + postage) and will be sent off within 1-2 days.

The whole book is also available online for free. You can download the whole book (3.6 MB) or selected chapters (pdf files) from this webpage.

We will not read all chapters and the book will be complemented by other texts.