Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guest Lecture 6 - Fri Dec 9 - David Kjelkerud

Guest lecturer: David Kjelkerud, former KTH student and co-founder of Readmill
Title: How we built Readmill
Time: Friday December 9 at 10-12
Place: Lecture hall V3

David will talk about the lessons learned from having worked for a year on building Readmill - a social reading platform for communities of readers. David will discuss some of the challenges Readmill has faced when designing a niche social service around books - a medium and an activity that people mostly think of as solitary. David will also present a mixed bag of interface nerdery as well as reflections on social interaction design and hacker culture values, principles and practices. Finally David will explain why Apple in fact (still) is an 80's company.

Please see Tessa's earlier blog post about the future of books as well as my comment/link to a 4-minute interview with David's partner and Readmill co-founder Henrik Berggren.

[Please take a moment to think about these issues. What do you imagine or expect David to talk about? Can you in advance think of a question you would like to pose? / Daniel]

About David:
David is a designer/engineer who has been schooled in Media Technology and HCI at KTH. After graduating, he worked as a researcher and freelancer for agencies and big companies. When he got tired of that, he moved to Berlin and started his own company in order to build the future of connected books.

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  1. Well, not much new information there but I thought I'll post it anyway. A short blog post about Readmill's launch in a blog about Berlin-based start-ups: