Friday, December 2, 2011

Important info about your posters (some additional info)

I have talked to the printshop. They:
1) need your posters by Sunday (late is ok) and
2) will start to work on them first thing in the morning on Monday and
3) Miyabi will pick them up on Tuesday before lunch.

There is thus no margin of error and you have to send them exactly what they need/ask for. So, I called them and these are the top three things you need to think about:

1) You have to send a pdf document (no other format will do!).

2) The resolution should be at least 150 dpi for it to look good when they print it (higher is ok, lower is not so ok - they will print it but it will have effects on the quality of the end product!).

3) The size of the poster is 70*100 and you should aim for that and nothing else! They don't have time to fix things if you send them a document with other proportions!

NOTE: Two groups have already sent posters; Leonore's was fine, but Charles' had the wrong proportions (420*594) and was returned!

- Note: Special fonts must be included in the file - they might exist in your computer but the printer might not have them.

Here is a repetition of some info from the previous blog post:

- Send your file to klasse(at) on Sunday at the latest. It is important that they have all the posters when they get to their jobs on Monday morning.

- IMPORTANT: write "KTH" in the subject line of your e-mail!


  1. Hi Daniel,

    When submitting the poster to Bilda, do you want all of the group members to do this or just one of us?


  2. One copy of the poster in Bilda is fine so only one group member needs to do it. Make sure someone does it though!