Monday, December 5, 2011

Hanging up your posters and presenting them

Hanging up your posters
I talked to the printshop this morning. They had received 9 pdf documents. There was a problem with one but I talked to a group member who said he would fix it.

Miyabi will pick up all the posters tomorrow. She will put them somewhere in "Torget" (house D, top floor) before lunch (12.00 at the latest). Each group will have to go there and hang their own poster up. Do feel free to move around the screens where you will hang the posters - please have in mind that 50 persons will move around in the room and look at them!

Poster session
Based on some feedback from last year, this is how we'll do it this time around.

- We walk around the room and listen to each group shortly present their poster (3-4 minutes per group).
- We have some "free time" to move around and have a second look at posters (and time to ask questions too).
- We finish we a short summing-up


  1. And presentations are going to take place tomorrow wednesday at 10:15 on Torget?

    Some one said it will but I cant find the information in text.

    /Olle Westerlund

  2. Yes, that's right.

    That info is available elsewhere on this blog ( and has also been trumpeted out on lectures (lecture 5, lecture 6), is available in lecture notes/slides etc.