Thursday, December 1, 2011

Seminar assignment 7 (deadline Dec 4)

Sorry for this assignment being slightly late. I had some pretty serious deadlines in my other course which required all my time in the weekend and the beginning of this week.

Seminar assignment 7 is the last assignment. We have chosen to "kidnap" the assignment and have it partly tie back to Pernilla's guest lecture about using social media in higher education.

Each assignment can be regarded as an exam question that will be graded separately. Do note that we will have no final exam or home exam in the course, but this assignment is in fact based on two of the questions in last year's home exam.

Right now, you can find the following documents in Bilda (Documents/Seminar assignments):
- The seminar 7 assignment (instructions)
- The seminar 7 assignment template - download and use it when you write your assignment - DO NOTE that this is a new template that you have to use for this assignment!


  1. Don't want to bother again, I just want to make sure. For the first question we should use no more than 400 words for each part a) and b)/c) or for the whole question 1)?
    Thank you in advance!

  2. Quite the opposite, you *should* bother me about these issues because what you ask, several other students might also wonder about without raising the issue...

    As to your question, I looked at the instructions for last year's exam where I had written this general guideline:

    "I am looking for relatively short, but relevant answers. “Shortly describe” means that one or two paragraphs should be enough. I otherwise expect that no more than one page of text should be necessary to answer a question (unless otherwise indicated)."

    I want to give you the question on the same premises as last year, so let's say this means you should try to *aim for* 1 page for your combination of a+b or a+c. It's ok to stray and make it a little shorter or longer - it's not like you are absolutely not allowed to use more than 400 words (I guess the current text *could* be interpreted that way).

    I hope this helps to clarify the issue!

  3. I also want to clarify, we write this part "Please argue about and justify your choices and their placement relative to each other and to other kinds of media surrounding “the media gap” (see picture above)!" under the table, together with b or c, not in the table?


  4. And yet another question from me, regarding the title this time. We need to use this particular template with the place for a title, but there are two different questions in this assignment so which one of them should we apply the title to?

  5. Dear Daniel,
    I have already written about it in companion blog - it seems that smth is wrong with presentation of Pernilla's lecture (I mean, slides are too small, so that it's impossible to read them). Could you check please?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. I agree on Olga's comment, no use for Pernilla's lecture as long as the file is available in that quality...

  7. Been offline the whole weekend...

    The title is optional and many people don't use it at all. As to your first question, I'm not exactly sure what you asked!? But the placement of your answer is not very important and you can always improvise or write about your problems in the task itself - but more important is the actual contents of your answer.

    Olga and Stefan:
    I don't know if I mentioned this to Pernilla before. I reminded her about it now although it's too late for her to fix this for you to have use of it for the assignment. I hope someone sent an email directly to her too...?

  8. Sorry, for the small handout version of the presentation. I didn’t notice that the format was changed into “landscape” as I “printed” them into pdf (which made them smaller then I expected). I don´t know if it still can be helpful for anyone to have them – but uploaded them to Slidshare :

    PS. Particularly during the weekends (which is my out-of-office –time), be sure to send me a reminder on e-mail if you want my attention. That will at least increase the opportunity for me to notice and react on your wishes.