Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to the future!


You are all cordially invited to attend the final presentation in the 5th year/2nd year masters' students project course Future of Media Friday December 9 from 13.00-16.00 in lecture hall F2.

This year's theme for the course is "Future of Radio/Radio of the Future" and the students have worked with this course and the theme during the whole autumn. No less that 11 project groups will report on their results in the form of 10-minute long presentations that often include multimedia support (movies, radio, screen shots of prototypes etc.).

Almost all of you will take the course "DM2571 Future of Media" next year. Earlier themes have been for example "Future of the Book", "Future of TV", "Future of Computer games" and "Future of Music".

More information is available at this website. Do note that all younger students in the (Swedish-language) Media Technology Program have to come to this presentation. The lecture hall F2 (238 seats) might become full, so please register for the event (at the bottom of the page) and come early to make sure you get good seats!

Why should you go?
1) You will take the course yourselves next year and listening to the final presentations is the very best information about the course and what will be expected of you next year.
2) Around 10 of your classmates in this course have worked with the Future of Radio/Radio of the Future - go see what they have to present!
3) A lot of work has been put into these presentations. Watching them live for sure beats sitting home checking out YouTube videos posted to!
4) This is the closest thing to an end-of-the-year ceremony that we have. Do take the opportunity to go to the presentations together - and perhaps continue somewhere else for a final get-together with your classmates over a beer afterwards? (I'll come too if someone posts info about time and place.)


Daniel Pargman & Åke Walldius

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