Monday, November 28, 2011

Change of date for the last lecture

My last lecture in the course was supposed to be held on Tuesday December 6. We also have the poster presentation on Wednesday December 7 (at 10-12) and we have the last guest lecture on Friday December 9 (at 10-12).

This last lecture of mine will be divided between 1) talking about social media and games and 2) doing a course evaluation through an interactive so-called "gripe session" (I'll explain later). It however seems like a pretty bad idea to have the course evaluation before instead of after the poster presentation, so I have moved the lecture. I checked your schedule and I just talked with my seminar group A and so the new time slot for that lecture will thus be December 7 from 13-15 in lecture hall E2. In other words; the same time and the the same place but one day later. I hope that won't cause too many problems for you!

We will thus meet twice that day (poster presentation before lunch and the lecture/gripe session directly after lunch). Do note that you get a point for attending this specific lecture of mine (same as with the guest lectures, e.g. 1 point/each).

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