Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Readings (general instructions)

I can totally understand that you would want some direction for lecture, seminars and readings in the weeks ahead. This will give you a general idea of topics as well as the appropriate chapter to read from Benkler each week. Benkler will be complemented by other texts as per my earlier instructions (before or on the same day I give my lectures (Wednesdays) at the latest).

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Industrial vs networked info society (seminar assignment for week 3 of the course, i.e. this week)
Benkler: Chapters 1-4 with an emphasis on chapters 2 and 3.

Week 3: Networks (seminar assignment for week 4, i.e. next week)
Benkler: Chapter 7, "Emergence of the networked public sphere" - primarily the second half of the chapter (p.241-272).

Week 4: Media convergence and community
Benkler: Chapter 5, "Autonomy, information and law" and chapter 8, "A culture both plastic and critical"

Week 5: Critique against social media
Benkler: Chapter 10, "Social ties: Networking together"

Week 6: (citizen) Journalism
Benkler: Chapter 6, "The trouble with mass media"

Week 7: (online) Games (last week of the course - no seminar assignment)
Benkler: No chapter in Benkler relates to the topic


  1. I found this information really helpful. Many thanks for your understanding. I also personally think that it would possibly be even great if we could get lecture slides beforehand as well so that we would be able to frame main points well before each lecture for so-called "hard-to-read book". Again, it's just my person thought.

  2. The problem with lecture slides before the lecture is that I oftentimes have more than I show and then I edit it down afterwards and upload what people who where there actually heard...

  3. I see. I could understand it then. The book is greatly informative and thoughtfully put, but honestly it is extremely hard for me to digest those great information (you also said that good medicine might not be sweet). Anyway, I will try to sense and absorb the great tast of this food :). Many thanks for your response.