Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We need better links!

When I summarized your seminar questions Sunday night, I was struck by the fact that less than half of your questions could easily be related to the specific readings for the week (about links and social networks). The other half, while still relating to social media, didn't have that much to do with what you were to read in order to write your assignment and to prepare for the seminar. Also, I have in my two seminar groups allowed student seminar questions and the whole discussions to wander pretty much all over the place.

Only after my last seminar (yesterday) did I realize this, and so me and Pernilla have conferred and would like to clarify some guidelines for the three remaining assignments and seminars:

1) Your assignment can make use of course literature in general, but you should make an effort to more specifically make use of this week's readings when you write you assignment.
Comment: Each assignment corresponds to a question on an exam. You can't write about whatever on an exam (no matter how insightful), but should stick to the question. You shouldn't write whatever on an assignment, but should make sure you utilize this week's readings and this week's topics.

2) Your seminar question should be displayed prominently on your cover page and it is strongly recommended that it relates to your assignment in some way (thereby also relating to this week's readings).

3) The seminar discussions will (through you following instructions 1 and 2 above) by default to a higher degree concern this week's readings, and me and Pernilla will also make an effort to steer the discussions in this direction. The seminars will not just be about ventilating opinions about whatever-that-is-related-to-social-media, but should also be a way to engage with, discuss, criticize and make use of the course literature.

4) It is a plus if the group assignment and your posters in some way relate to or make use of the course literature. If you get ideas from the readings that you manage to connect to and relate to your group assignment (could be in the companion document, doesn't have to be on the poster itself), that is commendable and will impress us when we judge and grade the group assignment.


  1. Many thanks. This is really helpful information for next assignments. I hope that i accurately understand it the same way you're trying to say. I have questions for clarification:

    Last lecture was about Chapter 7, you asked students to look more into the second part of the chapter to which your lecture paid more attention as well. Was it still fine if I picked up the first part of that chapter for my assignment? Should I pick up what has been more focused in the lecture or generally in "this week's reading" upon my interest? thanks.

  2. Sure, that is ok. You can "use" any part of the chapter even I primarily directed you towards the second half. Furthermore, I would not hold you accountable for something you did before the instructions above had been published...

  3. Many thanks once again for your clarification. I appreciate your efforts to make it clearest possible to students.