Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Important info about your posters

Thanks to a student in our class who studies the print specialization, we now have a deal with a nearby printshop to print your posters. This is an option - you can do it but you of course don't have to do. KTH/this course will pay for the printing costs.

The printshop is called Vitt Grafiska. These are the steps for having them print your poster:

- Send a pdf file to klasse(at)vittgrafiska.se on Sunday. It is important that they have all the posters when they get to their jobs on Monday morning.

- IMPORTANT: write "KTH" in the subject line of your e-mail!

- You need to have at least 150 dpi resolution for it to look good when it is printed.

- You can pick up your posters at Karlavägen 104 on Tuesday morning. The printshop is 2 kilometers away from KTH, you can walk there or go there by bus/subway.

If you have any further questions, please pose them here in the form of a comment to this blog post. I will then call Klasse at Vitt grafiska later this week and post the answers here!


  1. I am sure we should send in the poster as a .pdf, but how much space do they need at the sides? The poster will be printed in A1, right?

    Also you said in the seminar 1b instructions that you would post the criteria you will use for evaluating our posters on the blog. Could you still give us some further information on that topic?

  2. Criteria for evaluating the group assignment (both poster and paper) is available in the "Examination and grading" document in Bilda. It was uploaded there in the beginning of the month and I have mentioned this in class, but perhaps only once (i.e that the criteria for the group assignment can be found there).

    About your first question on space, I'll find out and get back later.

    The poster is supposted to be 70*100 cm but I haven't talked to the printshop (Miyabi has). Perhaps she can confirm the size or I will have to ask then when I call them later this week.

  3. regarding the poster presentation, what form will it take? Are just going to hang them or will we actually have to make a separate presentation like in PP?

  4. No, there is no need for a separate PP presentation. You will hang your posters up and be prepared to give a short presentation about the main idea/concepts (<5 minutes). We also want to have some time to walk around and look at/ask questions about posters before we convene for a sum-up.

  5. Have you got any new information on the size of the poster? I would like to send it off tomorrow, so I would need the necessary size...
    Thank you!!

  6. Yes, I have. See the new blog post (posted earlier today, Dec 2)