Monday, November 28, 2011

Late assignments grading

We have already said that we will grade late assignments later (after Dec 9). What there hasn't been is any explicit info about is how late you can hand in late assignments.

Since we actually haven't specified it, we will allow you to upload late assignments until Dec 9. This is waay later than we would prefer, but we will allow it since this has not been explicitly specified until now.

You very late assignments won't however get high points, because:

- You have not been able to contribute to seminars with your assignment (seminar questions, seminar attendance/activity)
- There is a decrease of relevance of your very late contribution (both for us teachers reading it and for you within the framework and schedule of the course).


  1. I guess it is a little bit late to ask, but what about those assignments which were submitted only several hours late (due to technical problems, for example), but still way before the class and, therefore, had a minor negative effect on the workflow?

  2. Well, I have heard very little and perhaps nothing about assignments that were submitted only several hours late (due to technical problems, for example) so it hard to take these technical problems etc. into consideration.

    Do however note the precise formulation above: "very late assignments won't [...] get high points". That leaves room for more severe discounts than the ordinary -1 point reduction for late assignments, i.e. there is room for valuing "late" vs "very late" assignments differently - for exactly those reasons stated above.

    The pedagogical value of handing in a assignment one month late is slim-to-none for the student in question, for the teacher in question and for the class (quality of discussions and seminars etc.).

    On the topic of procrastination and behavioral economics, we teachers don't want to reward neither hyperbolic ( nor exponential discounting ( when it comes to handing in assignments and living up to the deadlines.