Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Date for group assignment/poster presentation in Dec

We need to decide on exactly when to present the group assignment/posters. We need a two-hour session. It should be sometime during the last week of the course, i.e. week 49 (three weeks from now). We have lectures and seminars on Monday, Tuesday and Friday so Wednesday and Thursday are our best options.

I have four suggestions for possible time slots and it is up to you all to select which one(s) are most suitable for your. Go to this Doodle page and vote for your favorite time slots. You can choose several and we will choose the one that is most popular.

More specifically, I will book the open space "Torget" (house D, top floor). There are screens there where you can hang your posters and you should hang then up 24 hours before the presentation. I will invite my colleagues on the top floor to go and have a look at your posters and to listen to your presentations.

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