Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poster review meeting feedback

There were a couple of interesting questions raised by specific groups that I would like to give some feedback on to all groups:

Can we change the name of our group?
- You are allowed to refine/alter/change the name of your group. You are in fact encouraged to do so if you feel that the name does not any longer reflect the work of your group.

The glossy printed poster looked great, how can our group do one?
- We will be able to print your posters. One student (studying the print specialization) has contacts and is looking in to it. Printing a poster is optional, i.e. you can but you don't have to do it. More info will follow, hopefully later this week.

- What is the status of the poster vs the paper?
Both should be able to "stand on their own legs", i.e. you should be able understand your group's core idea (basic concept) from the poster without having read the paper and vice versa.

How will the group assignment be evaluated/judged?
- Do note that criteria for evaluating the group assignment are spelled out in the document "Examination and grading" (available in Bilda).

Some students seem to be less connected to their groups (for example by not showing up at the meeting and other group members having no information about it). The KTH School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC) code of honor has a couple of things to say about group assignments and regulation 1 more specifically states:
"When working in groups each member shall contribute equally and all members shall be capable of giving account for the whole solution."

Do note that there is no final exam in the course, but that the group assignment is part of the examination (20% of the credits). We therefore want you to include a short paragraph (a few sentences at the end of your group assignment document) where you describe the division of labor in your group.

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  1. Hi,

    It would be nice if you made a template for the final report, the same way you did with the seminar assignments. In that way we´ll all know what kind of content you want us to write.