Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Poster/group assignment review meeting

You were divided into groups two weeks ago (Wed Oct 26) and you will present the results of the group assignment four weeks from now (a poster and a short paper). We will be halfway into the course next week and that's a good time to have a (voluntary) review meeting about the group assignment.

This is your chance to present/pitch your idea and get feedback, constructive criticism and advice that might be helpful as you proceed with your poster project.

There are 10 project groups and I have blocked a number of 20-minute sessions/slots next week. You can sign up your group at the lecture tomorrow (Wed Nov 9) or at the guest lecture on Friday (before, during or after). The available time slots are:

Wed Nov 16 13.00-15.20 (7 groups) in seminar room 1635
Fri Nov 18 09.00-10.00 (3 groups) in seminar room 1635
Fri Nov 18 13.20-15.00 (5 groups) in seminar room 1635

Seminar room 1635 is in house E on the top (6th) floor.

There are 15 available slots, so if all groups want to meet me, the last group to choose a slot will still have 6 slots to choose from.

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  1. Group: Appreciation would like to come Fri Nov 18 13.20-15.00. If it is possible we would like to be the first group to have the meeting.