Friday, November 4, 2011

Podcast with/about D. Pargman and social media

As you heard at the end of today's guest lecture, my students in another course called "Future of media" are working on a radio theme ("The future of radio/Radio of the future"). In fact, around a dozen of you take both of these courses this term, and many others will study "DM2571 Future of Media" next autumn.

Out of this year's 11 project groups, one group is working on the theme "School radio/podcasts" and they visited us today. More specifically they work on:

"Niche podcasts for students who have started or is about to start studying a course. An entertaining and inspiring way to learn about the topic of a course though an interview with the responsible teacher and also a way to bridge the gap between students and teachers through the use of stories."

(A one-page long description of what they do is available here.)

As part of their project, they have made a podcast with me about this course (DM2578 Social Media Technologies). You should listen to it, they've specifically made if for you! It's available in Bilda (Bilda/Documents) and it is around 20 minutes long.

After you have listened to the podcast, please answer this short survey (7 questions):

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