Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seminar assignment 6 (deadline Nov 27)

Lecture 5 (Wed Nov 23) as well as seminar assignment 5 (Mon Nov 28 and Wed Nov 30) are based on these readings.

Each assignment can be regarded as an exam question that will be graded separately. Do note that we will have no final exam or home exam in the course.

Right now, you can find the following documents in Bilda (Documents/Seminar assignments):
- The seminar 6 assignment (instructions)
- The seminar assignment template - download and use it when you write your assignment
- Three examples of good assignments written by students last year (the seminar assignment was almost identical even though the readings differed). The documents are called "Nordlund.pdf", "Ballerstedt.pdf" and "Hoglund.pdf". Read one or read all three to get inspiration and ideas of what kinds of texts are appreciated and rewarded.

Do note that instructions about how the seminar assignments will be judged/graded as well as other information about examination/grading is available in Bilda/Documents.

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