Sunday, November 20, 2011

Date for poster presentation is Dec 7 before lunch

So, the results of the votes are in. Even though less than 50% voted (= questionable legitimacy in a democratic society :-), the preferred date of those who did vote is:

Wednesday December 7 between 10-12 at "Torget" (house D, top floor)

You should hang up your posters one day in advance, i.e. on Tuesday December 7. I will give my last lecture in the course that day (13-15) and you should thus hang you poster before then.

I will send out invitations to colleagues (teachers and ph.d. students on the same floor) to go have a look at your posters. I might ask them to give me feedback about their favorites posters.

I met all the groups except one for a review meeting in the end of last week (Wed-Fri). I will write a separate blog post about it, but will mention just one thing here. You all saw the great-looking printed poster from last year. One student (M.H.) had some leads about where all groups (who want to) can print equally great-looking posters. It seems it might not be too expensive, and the course can then pick up the tab and pay for these costs. More info to follow.

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